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User Interface

Papermerge comes with a simple and intuitive user interface (UI) layout. The UI is divided into four areas:

  1. Navigation Menu - contains different views like tags, users, groups, inbox
  2. Search Bar - quick search of any document
  3. User Menu - contains user preferences, API tokens and other menu items.
  4. Commander Panel - or Commander - area for browsing documents and folders

ui layout

Dual Panel Mode

Commander (in figure 1. marked with number 4.) is designed to have similar look and feel of modern desktop file browsers. This is the place where you browse your documents and folders.

In order to assist you to quickly move around documents, folders and pages - there is a special mode - dual panel model. In dual panel mode there are two panels displayed side by side. Between two panels documents (as well as folders and pages) can be moved with one simple drag'n drop. Figure below shows how dual panel mode looks like:

dual panel mode

In order to switch to dual panel mode, use Commander's upper right button:

switch to dual panel mode

To switch back to single panel mode, use close button - which is in the upper right corner of one of the panels:

close right panel


Close button will be displayed only on one of the panels. Although both panels look and feel exactly the same, internally application still distinguishes them as main and secondary one. Main panel is the one which is always visible and secondary panel is the on which opens and closes i.e. the one with "close button" in upper right corner.


Commander or Commander Panel is one of the two available panels. Commander is the panel which shows documents and folders - modern web based file browser if you will.


two commanders


Viewer or Viewer Panel or Document Viewer is one of the two available panels. Viewer is the panel in which document is opened.

one viewer

There can be two Viewers opened side by side. This mode (i.e. dual panel mode with a Viewer in each panel) is very handy when it comes to moving pages between documents.

two viewers

Thumbnails Panel

Document viewer features a thumbnails panel which can be toggles on and off. Pages can be selected only inside thumbnails panel; also pages can be dragged/dropped only from thumbnails panel.

thumbnails panel