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Upload Documents

There are multiple ways to upload documents to your Papermerge instance: web UI, command line utilities, REST API.

The obvious way is via web UI. After briefly explaining how to upload documents from web user interface, this page will dive into more interesting parts: command line utilities and REST API.

Web UI

Uploading documents via user interface is the most straightforward method, just click upload button:

Documents will be uploaded into your current folder. Current folder is considered the one which you currently see as opened in web UI:

Also, instead of using upload button, you can drag'n drop documents from your desktop file manager into Papermerge's web ui.


Currently drag 'n drop feature does not work for folders, in other words you can drag 'n drop only documents. If you want to import an folders with entire content preserved - use papermerge-cli described in next paragraph.

Command Line

You can upload documents and folders from your local filesystem using papermerge-cli command line utility:

papermerge-cli import /path/to/local/folder/

Note that papermerge-cli will import all content of /path/to/local/folder/ directory recursively i.e. it will preserve the structure of local folder in Papermerge as well.

You can upload one document by providing path to the document:

papermerge-cli import /path/to/document.pdf


By default all imported documents and folders will end up inside user's Inbox folder.

For more information about papermerge-cli check papermerge-cli section.


For uploading documents you can use directly REST API. You can access REST API swagger schema definition from user menu (upper right corner of the web UI). In order to upload a document there are two steps:

  1. Create document node without file
  2. Upload the file for the created node in previous step

For step 1. use POST /nodes/ REST API endpoint. For step 2 use POST /documents/<doc-uuid>/upload REST API endpoint, where <doc-uuid> is the ID of the node created in first step.