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Currently there is no web UI for getting the REST API token. Instead, you get the REST API token by running one docker command:

docker exec <papermege-container> <username>

You can list users in Papermerge with following command:

docker exec <papermege-container>


$ docker ps --format '{\{.ID\}} {\{.Command\}} {\{.Names\}}'

d8b965388fd9 "/run.bash server" fordoc-web-1
8fb8f6f565a2 "/run.bash worker" fordoc-worker-1
8a42db0bb7f9 "/opt/bitnami/script…" fordoc-db-1
8a6146801936 "docker-entrypoint.s…" fordoc-redis-1

In above example the Papermerge has four containers: app server, redis, database and one worker. For our purpose we need app container (in example above - fordoc-web-1). Let's list all users first:

$ docker exec d8b965388fd9


There is only one user with username "john". In order to get REST API token for user "john" run following command:

$ docker exec d8b965388fd9 john


The long list of characters from above is the token for user with username "john".

By default generated REST API token is valid for 6 hours. If you want to change expiration time for the token use PAPERMERGE__SECURITY__TOKEN_EXPIRE_MINUTES configuration setting.