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Papermerge loads its settings from environment variables.

Environment variables have following format:


double underscores are used as delimiter; environment variables names must be all upper case.

Only required environment variables are:


PAPERMERGE__SECURITY__SECRET_KEY is the key to securing signed data – it is vital you keep this secure, or attackers could use it to generate their own signed values.

PAPERMERGE__AUTH__PASSWORD is the password for super user (administrative user or admin user). Super user is created automatically for you when Papermerge starts for the first time.


In the documentation, for brevity sake, PAPERMERGE__ prefix may be omitted. For example docs may say: default value for DATABASE__URL is "sqlite:////db/db.sqlite3"; what is meant actually is: default value for PAPERMERGE__DATABASE_URL is "sqlite:////db/db.sqlite3".