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Papermerge offers an extensive searching mechanism that is designed to allow you to quickly find a document you're looking for.

When you search Papermerge for a document, it tries to match this query against your documents. Papermerge will look for matching documents by inspecting their content, title, and tags.


Papermerge searches only in content of the last version of the document

By default, Papermerge returns only documents which contain any of the words typed in the search bar. However, Papermerge also offers additional search syntax if you want to drill down the results further.

Matching inexact words:


Will return document with title: brother_005951.pdf

Matching specific tags:


will return documents with tag "paid"

You can match document with logical expressions:

pizza AND salami

will return all documents containing both words: "pizza" and "salami".

pizza AND (salami OR speciale)

will return all documents containing either "pizza" and "salami"; or "pizza" and "speciale".


Logical expression must be in capital case, otherwise they will be ignored.

Implicit logical expression is "OR". In other words, if you search:

pizza salami

is same as you would search with following query:

pizza OR salami

All of these constructs can be combined as you see fit. For example, following search query will return all documents tagged with "important" and contain word "pizza":

pizza AND tags:important