Frontend Development Setup

This guide is intended for those who want play with frontend code for Papermerge. It order to follow it you need to be comfortoble with linux command line and JavaScript programming language.

In this guide Ubuntu 20.04 LTS is used as Linux distribution.

If you follow this document and still have troubles, please open an issue on GitHub.

First install NodeJs version 16.x and make sure it is available on your system:

$ node -v


Also, make sure you have npm (node package manager) as well:

$ npm --version


Install EmberJs:

$ sudo npm install -g ember-cli

Clone PapermergeJs repository:

$ git clone

Install javascript dependencies:

$ cd papermerge.js
$ npm install

Run local development server:

$ ember serve

If you wish to bind local server to different IP:

$ ember serve --host --port 4200


By default ember application assumes that REST API backend server is available on http://localhost:8000/api/