Papermerge DMS loads its settings from a configurations file and environment variables. Configuration file must be in toml format.

At first it tries to read following files:

  • /etc/papermerge/papermerge.toml

  • /etc/papermerge.toml

  • papermerge.toml - from current project directory

If neither of above files exists it will check environment variable PAPERMERGE__CONFIG (notice two underscores). In case environment variable PAPERMERGE__CONFIG points to an existing (toml) file - it will try to read its configurations from there.

Notice that configuration file is optional i.e. if configuration file is not found Papermerge DMS will not complain.

Environment variables can be used to configure Papermerge DMS. Environment variables have priority over configurations found in toml configuration file.

In other words, if same configuration is present toml configuration file and as environment variable - the one from environment variable will apply.

For example, say there is a toml configuration file with following content:

timezone = 'Europe/Berlin'
secret_key = 'abc123'

default_language = 'deu'

host = 'localhost'

and there are defined three environment variables as follows:


In such case, Papermerge DMS will use following values:

  • “Europe/Berlin” for the time zone

  • 11ABGlqKQ29x for the secret key

  • “fra” for default ocr language

  • “postgres.svc” for database host

first value is used from toml configuration file while last three values are used from environment variable, because environment variables have priority over toml configurations.

Environment variables have following format:


double underscores (__) are used as delimiter and all letters are in upper case.

All configurations are groups by sections ocr, database, main etc.