Papermerge DMS is web based application. As with any web based application it can be accessed and used from any modern web browser, like Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Edge, or Safari.


To use Papermerge DMS all you need is just a modern web browser. Papermerge DMS can be accessed and used from any operating system (provided a web browser). It can be accessed via web browsers from Desktop computers, tablets or mobile phones.

Like a typical web application it runs on server-side Linux or Unix-like computer. Thus, if you want to deploy and run Papermerge DMS on your own, you need a Linux/Unix compatible operating system.

If you are interested in how to install Papermerge DMS using docker - read installation_with_docker section.

In order to successfully deploy Papermerge DMS you need following software:


Papermerge (server side) is written in Python programming language. The minimum Python version required is 3.7.

Papermerge uses Django Web Framework as backend technology.


If you never heard of Tesseract software - it is google’s open source Optical Character Recognition software. It extracts text from images. It works fantastically well for wide range of human languages.