This section describes a set of command line utilities which can interact (e.g. import documents to, list nodes etc) with your Papermerge DMS instance.

What is common to all command line utilities listed here is the “protocol” they use to interact with - they all use REST API interface Papermerge DMS. To state it differently - all following command line tools, in order to interact with Papermerge DMS need to know:

  • host address of the REST API server

  • the token used for authentication (i.e. REST API token)

Host Address

Host address should be provided with http:// or https:// prefix (depending on the REST API server) and does NOT include /api suffix.

Examples: http://papermerge.local, https://mydms.com/, https://my-own-digital-archives.de


REST API server may or may not end with / character. Thus, both http://papermerge.local and http://papermerge.local/ are valid.


REST API token can be obtained directly from respective command line utility e.g.:

$ papermerge-cli auth

or the REST API token can be obtained from Papermerge DMS user interface as described in user manual.