The source is currently only available via GitHub. You can either clone it with git:

Close directly from repository
$ git clone  --depth 1 --branch v1.5.5
$ cd papermerge

Notice --branch option. Always clone from latest stable release branch. See all available stable releases here.


Master branch is used for development.

or just download the tarball for latest stable release:

Download the tarball for latest stable release
$ cd to the directory where you want to run Papermerge
$ wget
$ unzip
$ cd papermerge-1.5.5



Below information will be interesting for software developers

The GitHub repository mentioned above is the Papermerge’s Django project. A good way to think about (any) Django project is a as a collection of reuseable apps plus project specific configurations. The above mentioned repository contains mostly configurations, unit tests and references for further dependencies. If you will look for actual application code - you won’t find it there. Instead, the most important part, the heart of it so to speak, was extracted into separate reusable django app called Papermerge Core.

If you want learn in detail Papermerge’s source code you will need to check Papermerge Core repository as well.